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Worried about SEO, Get free seo for blog.

Have a blog/site, you must be working on your traffic strategies. I mean who doesn't want to get traffic to his blog, seriously its a must have practice in this business.

I am not a SEO expert but I am here offering "free SEO service" to all those people who owns a blog/ site in exchange of a link from their blog, which says "SEO by Amit Singh".

Thats it No Image, No big content post, No high-quality graphics ....

Shoot me an email at the given address:

Just provide me with the given details: Your,
Name. (For Introduction, so we know you are real) blog/ website address. (So we can setup google analytics for your blog/ site) Email address. (So we can send progress reports to you directly) Server login username & password. (So we can update your template/ theme for SEO/ SEM) Thats it I dont need your credit card information, No additional (hidden) fees, just free seo service for your site. I will be working on keywords, traffic ge…

Top 15 affiliate marketers to watch out in 2015

How many hours a day you work setting, building, writing content for your blog.
Let me guess, you work very very hard building relations, making quality content, with high-quality images/ graphics, but still your hard work never pays off.
Even promoting content through every social media platforms is not your game.

Zero traffic ,
Zero conversions ,
and most importantly ZERO sales …

You are frustrated by reading every top big blogs on affiliate marketing, searching google for ways to build traffic and increase sales.
Let me tell you, if you are the type of person who want every penny of his hard work, then start working your butt-off.
Even some bloggers (generally new) have a misconception that affiliate marketing is very easy and they can get rich through it alone.
But on the contrary successful affiliate marketers work very hard (take 10-16 hours a day) that means 70-112 hours a week and not just hard work they are true geniuses, they know market and how to convert products …