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List of the top ten blogs for bloggers you should follow right now

Blogging is among the best profession growing day by day, everyday we came across bloggers making full-time income through their blogs. The million dollar blogs are the only reason many people are now starting their own blogs. This is why I started this blog and obviously why will any one create content and work hours setting his blog if he is not getting paid for his work. But this is not how it works I remember I had the same intentions that I will easily make some money if I posted few articles and able to generate some traffic. Now I know it is as much hard as a daily job, just as you have to work hard on your job you should or have to work hard on creating high-quality posts, give it some time to grow and keep on creating content. If you stop so will your traffic and without traffic your blog is nothing just a useless site, where no one sees its advantage.

The reason why people search for blogs is because they are dynamic unlike websites where they only get static content, peopl…

How to design a contact form for FREE (No Coding Skills needed)

Contact forms are the most important part of any website or blog, they help site owners better understand their audience. The contact forms also provide bloggers a way to communicate with their audience, they are very important be it in any industry. The ease with which you can develop a simple form is far easier than before, nowadays you can just use some HTML, CSS to create anything you need because these languages are very easy to use and require no experience in programming.

I have already discussed some of the best coding sites check out here.

The emphasis on learning languages is because the visual tools which help you to design without any knowledge of languages are used very often but they are also very handy when it comes to designing anything from a contact form to lead pages to a full-fledged site/ blog. But the use of these graphical tools can also be difficult at times when you want a new thing that is not embedded in the tool itself. So in these cases, we should have so…

Ten must have apps for windows in 2017

Windows a perfect combination of speed and performance, though these may sound synonym but they are completely different from each other, Speed is how fast an object moves or how fast a process perform tasks and on the other hand performance is the amount of work accomplished by a person/ system in our case the O.S. Windows is among the best operating systems we ever had, the mixture of GUI and some CLI makes windows our favorite pick in terms of personal computer. Windows 10 which is currently the latest version of Microsoft's windows, it has recorded 400 million installs. Microsoft also introduces its mobile operating system known as window mobile back in year 2000 though it didn't gained as much headlines. The latest window mobile version is windows 10 mobile for smartphones and at this time Microsoft tried to unify there whole range of devices to connect with each other or synchronize. Windows 10 is currently the most used operating system worldwide in terms of personal c…

Does your laptop need an UPGRADE (not UPDATE!)

We are living in a world where computers are very important for our functioning, though we are very much familiar with the immense powers of these mighty machines but how much can we improve in order to get the best of the best.
Hello friends, today I'm going to discuss about the how you can upgrade your hardware that is Memory, Drives, etc that can be very much important if your personal computer is running like a turtle and you don't want to spend your money on some new devices. Lets face it we all know no matter how costly your computer might be one day it will become slow and loose its spirit but we know that is obvious hardware's cannot be made to live forever, they will fail after certain amount of time. So how can we make that old junked piece to perform like a brand new. Yes! we can use antivirus programs, cleanup utilities, & various other applications to make it faster also defragmenting the drives, clean system error files, temporary files, removing unneces…