What is SEO and Why YOU should use it


 Hello there,
Well it looks like search engines are getting more and more tougher these days because of increasing content in the web, which makes it even harder for beginners to rank for a keyword.

As we all know this is high-time of technology today every second if not minute a new website (or blog) is being published on the "World Wide Web". As these websites are becoming more and more responsive, creative and search engine optimized.

I found the need to write this seo article for you all. We all know as with growing competition as more and more websites being introduced every day, search engines a getting hard with there algorithm updates. The growing popularity of site make us to look at our website's code.

So as to ensure that your website/blog is upto date with all the correct and valid codes available.

You can have a look at 12 principles for keeping your code clean by Chris coyier (Founder of css-tricks.com).

So here's what i've got for you in this article.

What is seo, what is its use and how important seo's are in this competitive world where everybody wants to have more and more visitors on web.
Even I want this and I am sure if you have a site you do want the same.
My suggestions for you all is that research on the content that you are going publish and do all your homework on it and once you have done the work, make that content even more great, then publish it on your website or blogs.
I love to make rich, high quality content but as everyone knows creating a high quality content for sites is not a easy task, especially for beginners (like me). But the fact is that websites are being copied and low quality content is added to site which is not a good sign if you are a serious blogger and want to make money online.

I personally love reading rich, high quality content about web designing, blogging and stuffs like that.

From this I have another important point which is creating your own videos and publishing it on Youtube or creating your own Youtube channels is another great idea it will increase your chances of being popular on the internet.

Never publish a low quality content as it will decrease your chances of getting popular, because everyone hates low quality content so as I and search bots (like google bot). So always keep it away from your policy.

Next is Keywords which are very important part of every SEO campaign.

Setting up Google analytics and using this service is also important, it will help you to find how many visitors your site had addressed and the keywords that they use to find your site or blog and what pages they visit on your site.

Read more about Google Analytics and other 6 tools in this post : 7 must have blogging tools .

Now its a must have:

Adding a Google+ page will help your business grow, it is necessary to link your website or blog to your Google+ profile. As it will build trust with Google and helps improve ranking for localized keywords.

Get advice directly from Google Webmaster's tools and there Webmaster's videos which are free to use and provide excellent knowledge.

SEO is helpful in making your site rank higher in the internet. It will increase your visitors and get you higher Page rank (PR) .

I now have done with this article. Any major seo tips or technique I happen not to mention, how you do your seo tell me in comments.

For some research use this keyword tool Keyword Researcher . Keep reading...


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