How Social media can help bloggers get traffic

With the advent of social media siteslike Facebook ,Twitter ,Google+ ,Linkedin and more users are getting all the content they want, sites like facebook where people can share content of their likes and from twitter where they can follow people of their interests.

But now a days sharing is not the only process, people are getting more involved in social-bookmarking sites like Digg, Stumbleupon, where much in-depth content are displayed and shared.

SoWhy bloggers need social-media image?, Can one do blogging without social-media?these questions are always in our mind, even I had but you know it's not as complicated as it seems. Though writing high-quality content, good seo work and some little tips & tricks would help you drive traffic to your site but as you know seo is not everyone's cup of tea so in this case social media can replace your seo upto some extent.

You can read about seo in this post .

Even seo requires you to have a strong social-media presence. As I have said before every small thing from high-quality content to strong seo combines together to make a fully-optimized high-quality website/ blog.

Social-bookmarking sites are different from social-media sites as these bookmarking sites are used to bookmark a webpage. Through these sites people will visit that webpage and the traffic will flow. In this way traffic can be maintained by bloggers. Even it is good to give knowledge to people about your works. People and Search engine both love unique content which is also new and ofcourse of high-quality. Especially google as it is among the best search engine out there who used to love content which is unique as well as quality content.
Now let's talk one by one about these popular social-bookmarking sites .


One of the oldest and popular social-bookmarking site with over millions of stumblers. This is a content discovery site where user can submit a webpage(s) of their site and tag(label, categories) them based on the content. It is free to use and user can see other content based on their chosen category. This service can be benefical for getting lots of visitors.


This is not a bookmarking site but still it is in the list because of it's wide popularity in the internet. Basically it is a news aggregator site which provides you the facility to submit your posts or articles. The service is not for everyone but there are wide categories based on them you can post or submit your post's url to them.


You might be thinking why Google+ is in the list but let me tell you that google+ manages to make you smile with the feature to share posts that you have written with your friends and people who follows you. With your google account you can manage to share post that you have written. It is just like a social-media site and if you have blogspot blog like mine it becomes very easy to setup connections between your profile and your blog .


Yes facebook is probably one of the best social-media site available till date, but facebook is just not for social-media it is other than that. Have you ever made an official/fan page on facebook, or group?. See if you haven't you are missing something because facebook has a huge user base over of 10 millions, so go on create a facebook page/group and then you can just create a like box like I have and connect it with your facebook page.


Though twitter is all about tweets,retweets or followers. But it is also a social media site which is growing popularly, twitter is very helpful as a blogger I have seen, because first of all you can add your site's url as well as you can share your post. Twitter also let you follow other people with same interests. As well as twitter seems to give you and your blog a professional look.

So these were some of the popular social-media/ bookmarking sites you should checkout. Please leave a comment if you know some other social-bookmarking sites you are using to drive traffic.

Happy blogging..


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