How to design a contact form for FREE (No Coding Skills needed)

Contact forms are the most important part of any website or blog, they help site owners better understand their audience. The contact forms also provide bloggers a way to communicate with their audience, they are very important be it in any industry. The ease with which you can develop a simple form is far easier than before, nowadays you can just use some HTML, CSS to create anything you need because these languages are very easy to use and require no experience in programming.

I have already discussed some of the best coding sites check out here.

The emphasis on learning languages is because the visual tools which help you to design without any knowledge of languages are used very often but they are also very handy when it comes to designing anything from a contact form to lead pages to a full-fledged site/ blog. But the use of these graphical tools can also be difficult at times when you want a new thing that is not embedded in the tool itself. So in these cases, we should have some knowledge as to alter the design or functioning of the object. For example, suppose you need some changes in the design of the let's say a contact form but you don't know how to implement the idea into the form itself so but in case if you have a basic knowledge of the HTML language you can easily map out the idea into the form without needing to google for specific problem. The basic knowledge of how HTML works will help you make your site/ blog lot more functional than before when you are just using a custom template.

So you must possess some knowledge of these languages to later make alterations to your form. If you have a basic knowledge of HTML then please keep reading. Just follow the steps and you will get a contact form in no time that too for free.

  1.  Go to this site. Here you will need to make an account so click on sign up.

    design contact form for free

  2.  Click on My Forms tab now you will see total forms you have created by far. If you are new just click on any of the featured templates such as contact form, registration form, job application forms and so on. Click on your preferred option. In our case click on the contact form.

    design contact form for free

  3.  Now design your form based what you want your viewers to mention to contact you such as name, email address, and other information you may need.

    design contact form for free

  4.  After designing completes click on Settings tab then in Notifications option you will see your address to which forms details will be sent whenever some uses that form. You can also add new recipient by clicking the New Recipient button. You could also create a custom Thank You page or piece of text. There are so many features to choose from use every bit of them.

  5.  After playing with all the options now come to Publish Form tab where you can choose from a ton of options again such as a form link, embedded code, Facebook, Twitter, also Blogger and so on.

  6.  For this tutorial, I used Blogger option because I wanted the contact form to be on my blogger blog. So I just copied the code and created a new page and pasted the code there. Have a look at our contact page where I used the exact same method to design the contact form.

    design contact form for free

That's it for this tutorial now you too have your contact form comment how you designed your contact or any other forms, also feel free to ask me below.


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