Top 15 affiliate marketers to watch out in 2015

top affiliate marketers

How many hours a day you work setting, building, writing content for your blog.
Let me guess, you work very very hard building relations, making quality content, with high-quality images/ graphics, but still your hard work never pays off.
Even promoting content through every social media platforms is not your game.

Zero traffic ,
Zero conversions ,
and most importantly ZERO sales …

You are frustrated by reading every top big blogs on affiliate marketing, searching google for ways to build traffic and increase sales.
Let me tell you, if you are the type of person who want every penny of his hard work, then start working your butt-off.
Even some bloggers (generally new) have a misconception that affiliate marketing is very easy and they can get rich through it alone.
But on the contrary successful affiliate marketers work very hard (take 10-16 hours a day) that means 70-112 hours a week and not just hard work they are true geniuses, they know market and how to convert products into money making machines to generate huge amount of cash.
For some of you who knew nothing about affiliate marketing let me give you a simple definition :


Affiliate marketing is a marketing practice in which three players are involved,
First one is Publishers who publishes products on his blog/ site and earns small commissions per sale.

Second is Advertisers who owns the product, it may be a companies product or just an ebook.

And finally the consumer who will buy that product, this is important because if there is no consumer there will be no commissions and the whole system get disturbed.

So now lets look at some of the top 15 affiliate marketersin 2015.

#1 Murray Newlands .


Murray is a successful social media consultant and runs "Influence People" a social marketing media agency based in San Francisco. Murray is a regular speaker at major events in Europe and the US. Other than this he focuses on social media marketing, content marketing, inbound marketing, and affilate marketing. He also runs the Affilate marketing awards and the London, Los Angeles, and San Francisco Blog clubs .

#2 Jeremy Schoemaker .


Jermey "Shoemoney" Schoemaker, is the founder and CEO of the shoemoney blog,Elite Retreat Internet conference, andthe PAR program. In 2013 Jermey autobiography titled "Nothing's Changed But My Change" - The Shoemoney Story, became the #1 amazon best selling autobiography. Jermey currently lives in Lincoln, Nebraska with his wife and two daughters.

#3 John Chow .


Super affiliate marketer, entrepreneur, blogger, speaker, father, and Dot com Mogul. At he shares the exact steps and techniques he used to make his blog "zero to over $40,000 per month in just 2 years" and he did it working only 2 hours a day. He is currently the founder and CEO of TTZ Media, Inc. Also his blog is ranked number 16 on the AdAge Power 150 list and number 1 in the list of the Top 50 Canadian Internet Marketing blogs .

#4 Zac Johnson .


Zac johnson a well known affiliate marketer, entrepreneur, blogger and podcaster who make millions through affiliate marketing. At an early age of 15 he was making money online by designing web site banners for $1 each. He has been making money online since 20 years. At his blog he writes on how to make money online, he also shares what works for him and what not. He also shares his interviews and insight in his own podcast "The Rise Of The Entrepreneur" on itunes and also on zac's new online training community .

#5 Pat Flynn .


Pat is an online entrepreneur, blogger, podcaster, and affiliate marketer who love to share his own strategies on how to make money online. He call himself the crash dummy of online business . Earlier Pat used to work as a job captain in an architecture firm, though he was enjoying his 9 to 5 job. But due to some reasons he was laid off in 2008. Currently he earns over millions of dollars just through affiliate sales (Bluehost is his largest affiliate earning product) and some ebook he made. He earns huge amounts largely due to Bluehost and other products he uses and recommend to buy. His podcast currently cross over millions of views.

#6 Shawn Collins .


Shawn collins, Co-founder of Affiliate Summit, the leading industry conference for affiliate marketing. Shawn is also the Co-Editor-in-chief of FeedFront magazine and founder of, a marketing podcast network where he hosts the weekly 7 minutes in Affiliate Heaven show. Other than this he is a writer of books like "Successful Affiliate Marketing for Merchants, Extra Money Answers, and Affiliate Manager Boot Camp: Recruiting, Educating, and Retaining Affiliates . Also he has been quoted in numerous publications like Entrepreneur magazine, Internet Retailer, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and the Inc. magazine .

#7 Matthew Woodward .


Matthew Woodward is an award winning business and internet marketing blogger from UK. I have been following this blog for a little while and seriously this blog is all about Internet Marketing, that compromises of SEO, traffic generation, content marketing, affiliate marketing, and so on the list continues. Also this blog have won several awards including :
  1. Hubspot Top 5 Internet Marketing Blog (march 2015).
  2. Affiliate Summit Best Affiliate Blog (2013).
  3. Technorati Top 100 Business Blog (July 2013).
  4. The Best Of Search Engine Journal (2012).
  5. Problogger One To Watch (2013).
  6. Unbounce Top 25 Internet Marketing Blogs.
  7. UK Blog Award (2014) Digital & Technology Highly Commended.

Thats a huge list of awards so definitely its a must watch blog in 2015.

#8 Missy Ward .


Missy is an affiliate marketing swiss army knife (as she call herself) who works at Home Mom, die hard AC/DC fan and an active fundraiser for charities supporting breast cancer. Missy is also the founder of Affiliate Summit Corporation in 2003, with her business partner, Shawn collins on a $400 investment. She is also the Co-publisher of, Co-founder of and Founder of She is also the author of the book "Make Money With Your WordPress Blog " and an ideal affiliate marketing woman.

#9 Mark Ling .


Mark another affiliate marketer who has been earning money through internet since 1999. Mark has given his advices on how to make money online and so far has published many successful products working years. Some of his famous products include :
  1. Affiloblueprint 3.0
  2. Affilojetpack 2.0
  3. Affilorama
  4. Traffic Travis
His products have a solid reputation and respect among other successful affiliate marketers. He is a expert of affiliate marketing, developing websites for making money, and his products which are awesome.

#10 Charles Ngo.


Charles is one of the most well known and respected internet marketer in the world. At his blog he shares how within his first few months of affiliate marketing, he was able to turn $4,000 into $1,000,000 + in profit . Generally he blogs about affiliate marketing but he rarely recommend affiliate products, but irrespective of that he makes thousands of dollars online.

#11 Kristy Mccubbin .


Kristy Mccubbin is a full time affiliate marketer who has been working for almost 7 years. Kristy had spent 2 years doing nothing just traveling around the world. Kristy is also the winner of a4uawards 2010 for her affiliate marketing skills. She describe herself as a pretty successful affiliate, and making real income from that.

#12 Rae Hoffman .


Rae is an entrepreneur and successful online marketer with over 14 years of experience in hands. She help other people learn how to change their financial lives online. She has massive knowledge under his head as an online marketer, as well as she is well recognized by industry experts like top affiliate marketer Missy Ward and SEO wizards like Rand Fishkin.

#13 Sarah Bundy .


Sarah has been in the affiliate marketing industry for almost a decade, and have 12 years of sales and marketing experience. She has also contributed to affiliate marketing magazines/ sites such as FeedFront magazine and, other than this she is a regular speaker at international events such as the Online Marketing Summit and Affiliate Management Days Conferences .

#14 Ian Fernando .


Ian is an influential blogger and affiliate marketer. His blog provides advice to the up and coming online entrepreneurs. He is an aggressive internet marketer. He is an out of the box thinker and an example of ideal entrepreneur. He has been published in several publications including FeedFront Magazine , and Digital Marketing Monthly Magazine .

#15 Matt Carter .


Matt is a full time internet marketing entrepreneur. He makes a living from various online sources focusing on affiliate marketing and other categories. His blog is the place where he shares his tricks that have worked for him and also tries to build community with it. The blog aimed at providing wide range of online marketing techniques such as PPC, SEO, Affiliate Marketing and so on.

Well that's where my list completes, hope you liked it, any other affiliate marketer you know please tell us in comment section.


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