Top 5 sites to learn coding online you would love

When I look at the future of education what i think is that there will be more online Courses available through websites. As modern technology is like perpetual source so as it's popularity among people. The fact is that if you want to learn coding or like this stuffs there are number of sites which offer online courses. There is technology all around us and one day will come when more of people  will take online courses that is the websites will be converted into full fledged room with access to all programming related things.

In my very list I have made it very simple to understand, yet small (only 5 sites) but it looks really clear and easy to understand. The list constitute of the best online coding websites which is as follows:

5. Thenewboston.
thenewboston This site is just and must be highly recommended for beginners. This site was first named "" and later on changed to "" (don't know why they changed it) and finally changed to "" but the man behind all this named "Bucky Roberts" is a great man  who also managed to create videos for  everything related to coding, from C++ to HTML5, Android to Java, CSS3 to Python, php to C and much more.The site contains forum also for discussions where you can signup and enjoy over thousands of quality videos.

4. Khan Academy.
What to talk about this site as it's just not for programmers but for Others also. This website contains everything you want to know from Chemistry to Biology, Physics to Mathematics everything but we will just talk about Computers. As it offers Programming Basics, Canvas Drawing, Animation, User interactions and much more. Founded by Salman khan with it's  motto "A free, World class education for anyone,  anywhere ". Khan Academy website is translated to 23 languages and it's videos to 65 different languages.

3. Udacity.
The site is known for it's reviews from tech biggies like Google and contains videos for easy understanding . The site was the  creation of three men "Sebastian Thrun, David Stavens, and Mike Sokolsy" there creative idea helped millions of people. The site is constantly being reviewed by various professionals, it also helps a lot in order to know about them. The site contains various courses including Web Development, HTML5, Python,  Java, Computer Science, Algorithm, Artificial Intelligence (A.I) . This is the only site in the list which provide courses on A.I .

2. Code Cademy.
This website is truly a masterpiece, just as one enters the site you feel the essence of programming maybe that's why it had been given positive reviews from various websites and blogs including "Techcrunch and New York Times" one reason for this could be the famous on-screen console. The site contains courses for beginners, enthusiasts, advance coder on subjects like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP,  Ruby, Python  API. It's free to use and easy to understand with site so designed that it will warn you for errors and also provide hints. The founders are "Zach Sims, and Ryan Bubinski " .

1. Codeschool.
Welcome back to school, it's the best so far site that i have seen not a  must for beginners because if you are a beginner you should check other sites first because it gives in-depth courses so is used by advance coders. Its written on the homepage that "Learn by Doing" so this gives every user little confidence to learn. Most of the courses are free but some of them requires you to spend $25 per month to access all other challenges. The site was founded by "Gregg Pollack" which gives every user  access to courses like HTML, CSS, CSS3, jQuery, Ruby,  Ruby on Rails, ios .

Got some questions, feel free to comment if you are using any of the listed websites, please tell us how was it going. Also tell us if someone is taking any of the non-listed websites which i forgot to mention please leave your feedback about this article. It will help us to bring more and more articles for you all.


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