Ten must have apps for windows in 2017

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Windows a perfect combination of speed and performance, though these may sound synonym but they are completely different from each other, Speed is how fast an object moves or how fast a process perform tasks and on the other hand performance is the amount of work accomplished by a person/ system in our case the O.S. Windows is among the best operating systems we ever had, the mixture of GUI and some CLI makes windows our favorite pick in terms of personal computer. Windows 10 which is currently the latest version of Microsoft's windows, it has recorded 400 million installs. Microsoft also introduces its mobile operating system known as window mobile back in year 2000 though it didn't gained as much headlines. The latest window mobile version is windows 10 mobile for smartphones and at this time Microsoft tried to unify there whole range of devices to connect with each other or synchronize. Windows 10 is currently the most used operating system worldwide in terms of personal computers, this might be because the companies that make applications/ software for pc mainly focus on windows or mac os as their primary source of consumer.

So I made a list of all the must have apps that you should use if your pc is running windows version such as 7, 8, & 10 these apps helped me lot in day to day manner, but based on your requirements you may have some very useful apps.

  1. Google Chrome [Download Here]

    By far the best browser for windows, it is most widely used and is a great alternative to Mozilla Firefox which is also a very good browser to have. The chrome comes with a builtin apps store known as the chrome web store where it contains all the available add-ons for various task such as VPN, Ad Blocker, translate & also changing themes and many more. Other than basic features of browser it contain developers tools such as inspecting webpage, java script interpreter, and some other tools to improve web viewing. It also contain its own Task Manager just like on windows where you can view/ end processes running inside the chrome. It also supports Incognito mode where you can surf web without writing history or cache data.

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  2. VLC Media Player [Download Here]

    Another revolutionary media player which is free as well as open source, it can play nearly any multimedia file. It can also play most multimedia files CDs, DVDs, Webcams and live streams. Most amazing feature of the VLC media player is that it supports all codecs without needing to install additional codecs, you can also customize the look of the player with so may skins and an inbuilt skin editor where you can make your own custom skins. It's biggest advantage is its compatibility across various platforms such as Mac, Linux, Android, etc and also supports various modern controls.

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  3. Notepad++ [Download Here]

    Notepad is the default application where we write all the codes, html files, and the regular .txt documents. Now here is modified version of the boring notepad available for you to freely download. The app contains support for some of the known programming languages like C, C++, Java, & also HTML. CSS, & Java Script for web developers. The editor comes with several advanced features such as Tab view for manipulating multiple documents at the same time, Syntax highlighting & Syntax Folding, Auto completion such as Word completion, Function completion, Zoom in & out function and several others which are beyond explaining here, so just download it and start exploring itself.

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  4. 7 Zip [Download Here]

    7 zip is possibly the best apps to compress or extract archive files for windows, it is a free open source application where you can compress files into seven common formats 7z, XZ, BZIP2, GZIP, TAR, ZIP and WIM, and can extract from several formats including AR, ARJ, CAB, CHM, CPIO, CramFS, DMG, EXT, FAT, GPT, HFS, IHEX, ISO, LZH, LZMA, MBR, MSI, NSIS, NTFS, QCOW2, RAR, RPM, SquashFS, UDF, UEFI, VDI, VHD, VMDK, WIM, XAR and Z. Whew that's a lot of formats it supports that too being a free application, unlike Winrar the default option in windows computers which is paid application that too with several limitations on file formats you can use. The compression ratio of 7 zip is also better than the other alternatives, it also provide LZMA, & LZMA 2 encryption algorithm used in 7z its own format and also supports upto 87 languages.

  5. MusicBee [Download Here]

    A complete media player for managing your audio files for windows completely free of cost and easy to use application, the Musicbee is currently the best audio player you can have because of the advance features it has like you can manage your itunes library inside this app, customisable skins, you can edit metadata of the audio files, add lyrics, supports all the common formats such as AAC, MP3, MP4A, MPC, OGG, WMA, and many more. The interface of the app is very intuitive and easy to use. On top of that you can also download additional plugins from the site above to better enhance your experience, Also you can sync your libraries from itunes as I have told you before but you can also sync your Window Media Player library also in case you miss your old set of libraries. MusicBee also lets you change the format without losing any data, and also supports web browsing where you can view audio files and bookmark them.

  6. ShareX [Download Here]

    Yet another must have app for windows users, though if you don't really take screenshots, or capture screen videos you may not need this app or maybe you are happier with the default screenshot app in windows that is Snipping Tool, which can do screenshots easily. But if you do need an advance app which can also record screen, for example you might need to shoot videos on the desktop and you don't want to just use your camera and shoot, instead you can use this app to create stunning videos & image files. It has a features like auto capture, scrolling capture, you can also assign particular key press to trigger the recording or capturing the screen. This app can also pick external audio sound from microphone to give them a personal touch, you can also record gameplays with this app using various features, Just download it it's free and a great tool for developers who write content & need screenshots to display it in their work.

  7. F.lux [Download Here]

    F.lux is an essential app that works like the night shift in ios, the logic here is that the computer's screen emit blue light while your are working on it and if you use it for a large amount of time then your feel strain in your eyes, there comes the f.lux app which makes working with computer less hectic by adjusting the screen colour based on time & your location. The app uses location to calculate the time between sunset & sunrise and based on this it automatically adjust the colour settings so that your eyes feel less pain when working for larger time period. You can also adjust your location manually, also there are few more options to consider such as darkroom mode, movie mode & safe mode, also you can disable it for an hour. I like to keep the default settings because it works for me.

  8. CCleaner [Download Here]

    CCleaner is an app to clean unwanted files such as files in recycle bin, temporary files, browser's cache, system malicious files and window registry files that are entries whenever you install or uninstall an app from your system, these files reside in memory until you format or clean them with an utility program like this. CCleaner comes with three version free version, pro version for €19.95 and pro plus version for €39.95 but the free version will work for most because it contains basic removal tools. If you need to to make your system as clean as possible go for pro or pro plus but for average user free will work. Also it includes an inbuilt uninstaller (no need to go to control panel), Drive Wiper, Startup tab to view which apps run on startup or after opening the system, Disk Analyzer, Duplicate Finder, & System Restore tab. It also supports Mac os & Android.

  9. VMware Workstation Player [Download Here]

    It is a virtualization app for Windows and Linux based systems to provide support for running multiple operating systems as virtual machines inside it without the need of dual boot or triple boot, the VMware Workstation Player is a free to use app which also comes in paid version which offers more features. The app is a must have for developers be it for system or mobile platform, as it helps to run their code across various platforms so it can really improve their reach to several operating system or can overcome situations where you need to use an app but it will not work in your main operating system. The VMware Player provides inbuilt set of tools to better run the virtual machine. Though it requires a file which contains the image of the operating system you want to run, then you can allocate memory and storage for that machine.

  10. IDM (Internet Download Manager) [Download Here]

    Internet Download Manager is the best download manager for windows till now, it claims to speed up the download speed by 5 times and also supports pause and resume functionality, other than this it also doubles up as a chrome addon to ease the download process, it also comes with feature to download youtube videos that too with all the available quality formats. The manager also supports schedule download, you can also queue downloads, you just need to copy the url of the file you wish to download and open it there you will find an option to add url just click and the url will be pasted automatically then click ok and enjoy the fast speed of downloading. This is also better than any other download manager you will find, though you can use it for 30 day trail for free after that you have to pay for it but considering the speed at which it processes file downloading is just amazing as compared to price.

That's it for this article tell us which are your favourite apps for windows any version you use, please don't comment links we'll simply delete them so stop wasting your time commenting links.


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