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What is SEO and Why YOU should use it

Hello there,
Well it looks like search engines are getting more and more tougher these days because of increasing content in the web, which makes it even harder for beginners to rank for a keyword.

As we all know this is high-time of technology today every second if not minute a new website (or blog) is being published on the "World Wide Web". As these websites are becoming more and more responsive, creative and search engine optimized.

I found the need to write this seo article for you all. We all know as with growing competition as more and more websites being introduced every day, search engines a getting hard with there algorithm updates. The growing popularity of site make us to look at our website's code.

So as to ensure that your website/blog is upto date with all the correct and valid codes available.

You can have a look at 12 principles for keeping your code clean by Chris coyier (Founder of

So here's what i've got for you in th…

Top Ten Web Hosting providers

Hello there,
Today I have something special for you all that is equally important for your blog/site as other parameters.
We always have a question in mind i.e. How to choose the best web hosting ,and to be more specific we look for cheap web hosting , out there as there are thousands of web hosting and it makes us a bit confused.
So today I am here to share some of my knowledge on how to choose the best web hosting that is also cheap web hosting but also offers best quality.
I have researched on these web hosting providers, there reviews, customer support and
so here I present my top-ten list of the best web hosting that anyone should consider at least, before creating a beautiful website/ blog.
I have created this top ten list for you all to carefully choose the perfect web hosting so take your time and read well.
Below is the top-ten web hosting list which is as follows:

Disclosure: Please note that some of the links below are affiliate links, if you decide to purchase I will…