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How to run C++ on your Android smartphone

Today I am feeling very good as I have searched a way to run C++ on my Android device.
Do you know the Popular C++ compiler TC(Turbo C++) which is commonly known as CBSE Computer science students compiler. At my school this is the one in which I have programmed first.
Only for Android phones.
When we have to run Turbo C++ on windows we need something to write our codes. So we need DOSBOX to emulate turbo C++ , So here i have an android version of DOSBOX Emulator.
Nowadays there are almost three most popular android app of dosbox emulator in Google Play Store Market.

adosbox (Free)

andosbox (paid)

dosbox turbo (paid)

Download any one of the above app, I recommend adosbox because it is free, fast and easy to use.
Download Borland Turbo C/C++ from given link. Now extract the file onto your device, if you did not how to extract it download "ES FILE EXPLORER" (rated 4.5 on play store) from google play store and there is a option to extract file.
Then you must have to r…