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How to Install Wordpress on Localhost using XAMPP [Windows]

Wordpress one of the best content management system (CMS) used by millions of blogs over the world. It has strong user base of over 60 million websites supporting as of 2017. Wordpress is primarily the best tool for any blogger, it is a must have blogging system used by top blogs like Mashable, TechCrunch, and many other. Wordpress is now becoming the industry standard for creating professional looking blogs with thousands of options, themes, plugins, and customization is endless with Wordpress. Don't just start with any other blogging system when you have the best system lined up for you waiting for you to fire it up that too for free of cost.
As more and more blogs are going online the competition is also becoming hard, but using the best tools you can ensure you will be far ahead of the competition. The one tool you will heard everyone talking about is Wordpress because it is simply the best and way better than any other content management system.
If you want to soon start a b…

How To Make Money Online Without Any Investment [30 sites]

Technology is just incredible these days with everything at your hand or I should say finger tips you could possibly do anything you want to do if you have a internet connection. Internet is a beautiful creation it is not Web but it is a network of networks which simply means it is a network which is connected to other network and that other network to other network. Anyways enough about internet I will talk about it some other day, basically I'm saying that with internet it has become so much easier to connect to people which may not be in the same geographical region. Communication is another big thing when it comes to internet, but why I' m talking about this I should be writing about ways to make money online believe me it will help you in order to make money online.

Though anyone with a personal computer and access to an internet connection can make decent money online but that is not the case for most of us. The art of making money online is very hard to master it only …