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How Social media can help bloggers get traffic

With the advent of social media siteslike Facebook ,Twitter ,Google+ ,Linkedin and more users are getting all the content they want, sites like facebook where people can share content of their likes and from twitter where they can follow people of their interests.

But now a days sharing is not the only process, people are getting more involved in social-bookmarking sites like Digg, Stumbleupon, where much in-depth content are displayed and shared.

SoWhy bloggers need social-media image?, Can one do blogging without social-media?these questions are always in our mind, even I had but you know it's not as complicated as it seems. Though writing high-quality content, good seo work and some little tips & tricks would help you drive traffic to your site but as you know seo is not everyone's cup of tea so in this case social media can replace your seo upto some extent.

You can read about seo in this post .

Even seo requires you to have a strong social-media pres…