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How to make a free blogger blog.

Are you the type of person who want/ love to share things you know about.
But at the same time you don't want to spend your hard earned money on web hosting, domains or any other creepy things.
Well if you are online then chances are you might have heard of BLOG, well it's a common term in and out online, you might be thinking what the hell is a BLOG?
Well I'm glad you asked,
A blog(or weblog) is just like a website you have seen on the web but the difference is that a blog displays post/ articles in chronological order means newest post at first then second new and so on and are updated every week if not days.
So I guess you are pretty excited by right now to learn about blogging. If not, you should go somewhere else because this is for beginners who are confused on making their first free blog or who are just starting out.
That's right because the I want people to make them learn blogging easy way.
So I am here talking about free blog so be prepared to make s…