7 Must have blogging tools you should use right now

As we all know, a blog is almost incomplete without proper care, proper SEO, designing, content and blah blah!. But have you ever notice what to do if you are not able to get the desired amount of page views even after working hard day to day.
So this time I made a list which is a must for every blogger, even most of you have probably heard of some of the mentioned tool because this tools are recommended for every blogger even no technical skills required to use these tools.

The list is as follows :
Here is my first recommended tool for every blog/ website and you probably might have heard of this,

Google Analytics.

Now when I think about making this list I got Google Analytics first in my mind because of it's accurate site stats and easy to use interface and all you need is a google account to start using it thats is completely free. Google analytics offer a easy to use dashboard which gives you site stats in various categories like Geographical, intrests, cities, countries from where the people have been searching for your site.


Not to mention alexa is also a good analtyics tool which can be beneficial for your blog or site. It's good to make an alexa account which is of course free and let's you fetch your description and logo to the account. As it will appear when anyone search's for your site the alexa link appears in the browser.

Google trends.

Google trends heard of this but is it a tool ?, Yeah it is a tool used by webmasters, to find out whats happening in their area or what is trending in google search engine, localized searches based on your area. For e.g The ebola crises, the missing malaysian plane incident generated a huge amount of views in the google and webmasters could use this to direct those million viewers to their blog/ sites.

Google Webmaster tools.

This tool is must have tool for webmasters(highly-recommended) as it is the main tool which will help index your site, so that spiders (search-robots) can crawl your site to appear in google searches for relevant keywords. You can submit your sitemap under Add sitemap, and can link your robots.txt page so that it can index your site.
Note: It may take some time for google search engine to crawl/index your site.

Google page speed insights.

Now this tool is really simple just add your site url in the mentioned field, and that's it. The tool provides you your site score out of 100, gives your information about errors in your pages and how to fix them. I use this tool to improve my blog load speed. It will give scores based on mobile page loads and also desktop mode.

Google keyword planner.

Google keyword planner also known as Google keyword tool is a tool for finding keywords relevant to your niche which can be very important for a blogger as keywords play a vital role in ones blog seo. Remember to use keywords in required amount and avoid keyword stuffing, this could make your blog less seo optimize and prone to penalty. Use only those keywords which are relevant for your blog posts, unnecessary keywords can result in hughe loss of traffic.

Google sitemap generator.

As the name correctly gives you a idea that it is just a sitemap generator well you guessed it right this is just a sitemap generator but this is google's sitemap generator so it gives you your sitemap in various extensions like .html, .xml and many more. And you can copy your sitemap code and paste it in your website sitemap page.

Bonus Tool: testmysite by Google.

In today's world speed is the key to success of any online campaign, how fast your blog loads will determine how your visitor's act. The use of mobile devices is increasingly surpassing the desktop users, though we have fast networks which have a higher number of downloading & uploading speed for all people this is not the case. We have countries with not so good infrastructure their lies our target audience (it can be) so we need to make our blogs super fast to load irrespective of the data speed. Google has a tool just for testing how mobile friendly is your blog. Just type in your domain and it will give points based on your sites performance. You can also get free report directly to your email address.

As you might have noticed the list comprises most of the google products, I think this is because google is a search giant it is ahead in all the fields in providing valuable, rich content for webmasters. Google is the best place for webmasters to find content related to their needs.

So guess here my list complete and not to mention if you have any other tool, do tell me in the comment section, any queries, suggestions on any other topics do leave your valuable comments.
I will be constantly updating this list over time so keep visiting.

Happy blogging.


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