List of the top ten blogs for bloggers you should follow right now


Blogging is among the best profession growing day by day, everyday we came across bloggers making full-time income through their blogs. The million dollar blogs are the only reason many people are now starting their own blogs. This is why I started this blog and obviously why will any one create content and work hours setting his blog if he is not getting paid for his work. But this is not how it works I remember I had the same intentions that I will easily make some money if I posted few articles and able to generate some traffic. Now I know it is as much hard as a daily job, just as you have to work hard on your job you should or have to work hard on creating high-quality posts, give it some time to grow and keep on creating content. If you stop so will your traffic and without traffic your blog is nothing just a useless site, where no one sees its advantage.

The reason why people search for blogs is because they are dynamic unlike websites where they only get static content, people LOVE blogs and they want to create their own and for this they are also giving their full time job. I have see many bloggers giving their jobs to make blogging their primary source of income. Here is a similar case of Pat Flynn who instead of finding another job made his way in blogging, check him here.

So if you are a newbie blogger and you want to start you blogging journey, here are ten blogs who will help you build your blog and also make you wealthy. But before starting make sure you have a blog (not in Blogger and that is you must own a domain and hosting space. I right now don't have any income and also I'm not able to pay for Domain & Hosting so right now I can't purchase a blog. If you want you could also start a free blog as I have done. Otherwise go for a domain and hosting.

Without wasting any time lets get started.

  1. by Brian Dean

    One of the best blogs on SEO and Content Marketing, Brian is the considered as the SEO expert and he also helped many multinational companies grow their business. He is the best in his field he regularly post articles on his blog which contains in-depth SEO analysis, Case Studies, and also help many people skyrocket their traffic that to in terms of Organic Search. If you really want to grow your business then subscribe to his newsletters and you are good to go.

  2. by Neil Patel

    Yet another SEO expert, Neil is among the best Content Marketers and SEO expert. His blog is the best source for finding various ways to quickly rank in the search engines, he also discuss about his experiences through blogging. He has tons of high quality content on building your blog, SEO, Content Marketing, and much much more. Make sure you subscribe to him as he constantly creates content that is very useful for newbie as well as experienced bloggers.

  3. by Brian Clark (Founder)

    VentureBeat calls the blog "The bible of Content Marketing", So there must be some high quality content on this blog, Seriously this blog is the best blog on Content Marketing and Copywriting that I have been reading from past few years. It has very high quality content marketing techniques which are worth reading.

  4. by Darren Rowse

    This blog is all about blogging, how to make a blog, and tips you should be aware of when starting a new blog, the site has some high quality posts on Blogging. Read about how to make money through affiliate marketing, he has also written a book about his blog where he has shared some of the best tricks he used to get traffic and make money.

  5. by Jessica Knapp

    Another blog on blogging, this blog has been featured on Mashable and HuffingtonPost and various top blogs. Jessica share her experience on how to make money blogging and also talks about how to choose your blog niche and is very easy to understand.

  6. by John Chow

    A trustworthy and an expert in Affiliate Marketing, he is very well know marketer in the industry, he earns mainly from Affiliate Marketing and teaches his visitors on how they can make money through Affiliate Marketing, His blog mainly focuses on making money, through you will notice he promotes various products and earn money from them.

  7. by Pat Flynn

    One of the few bloggers who share their income reports to public, he is a excellent writer, podcaster, and online marketer. When I was just starting making this blog I always visit his blog and listen to his podcasts, he has everything you need to keep yourself motivated and start blog right now. His income reports are the most visited aside his blog posts.

  8. by Harsh Agrawal

    Another of my personal favorite blogger I started visiting his blog when I was wondering how I will rank in google and confused on sitemaps, robots.txt files, which I wish I had known before, by the way amazing blogger, other bloggers can also write on his blog as a guest post. He also shows his income reports monthly, where he shows how he earns money blogging.

  9. by Zac Johnson

    As the name suggests this blog features tips for bloggers on making money online, starting your new blog, if you have visited my post on top affiliate marketers then you may have heard of Zac Johnson yes he is a top affiliate marketer who also write about blogging. If you want to check out my post on top 15 affiliate marketers.

  10. by Ammar Ali

    Another tips and tricks blog for bloggers this is not new, the blog features some amazing content which you will not find in above blogs, the blog is more for newbie bloggers who are just starting and want to grow their blog both in terms of traffic and money. The blog list all the basic guides you might need to start blogging right away.
That's it tell us how many of bloggers you know before reading the article, if you think I forget someone please tell me about them. If you want to learn more about blogging please subscribe as it will help me to bring more and more content soon.


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